Amount of Listings Removed as a Result of an Alleged Infringement of the Right Owners' IPR (2016-2019)

Source: European Commission. Commission Staff Working Document: Report on the Functioning of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Sale of Counterfeit Goods on the Internet (Brussels: European Commission, 2020)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2016-2019
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Data collection
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The chart presents the key performance indicators for monitoring the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Sale of Counterfeit Goods, over the period 2016 - 2019. The results of the report show that the platforms’ pro-active measures are the main driver for the amount of listings removed, as they accounted for 98% of the listings removed in 2019 (12% increase since 2016).