Counterfeit (or Potentially Counterfeit) Products out of Total Alerted Products, 2010 - 2017

Source: European Union Intellectual Property Office. Qualitative Study on Risks Posed by Counterfeits to Consumers (Alicante: EUIPO, 2019)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2010-2017
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Data collection
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This chart shows the number of fake products identified as couterfeit or potentially counterfeit within the total number of alerted products, in the European Union over the period 2010-2017, based on the results of the EUIPO report "Qualitative Study on Risks Posed by Counterfeits to Consumers," published in June 2019. The study uses the data from the European Commission Rapid Alert System For Dangerous Non-Food Products (RAPEX) reported by market surveillance authorities in the period 2010-2017.