Cumulative Suspension Rate for Accounts Eventually Suspended

Source: Conway, Maura, Moign Khawaja, Suraj Lakhani, Jeremy Reffin, Andrew Robertson and David Weir. “Disrupting Daesh: Measuring Takedown of Online Terrorist Material and Its Impacts,” Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 29 October 2018
Topic: Incitement to Terrorism
Reference year: 2017
Geographical area: Global
Method: Data mining
Link to original document:
The graph shows the cumulative suspension rate for all accounts identified as being Islamic State or Jihadi by the number of days the accounts survived before being suspended (on the horizontal axis). The data shows that Islamic State accounts have had higher suspension rates compared to other Jihadi accounts. The chart focuses on accounts that were independently judged to have breached Twitter’s terms of service.