Direct Employment Loss Due To Infringement in Selected IPR-Intensive Industries in the European Union (2013-2017)

Source: European Union Intellectual Property Office. 2020 Status Report on IPR Infringement: Why IP Rights Are Important, IPR Infringement, and the Fight Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (Alicante: EUIPO, 2020)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2013-2017
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Data collection
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The chart presents on overview of estimated direct economic costs of infringement in selected IPR-intensive industries in the European Union, over the period 2013-2017. The results of the EUIPO report show that counterfeiting and piracy significantly impact the clothing, footware and accessories industries, accounting for 63% of direct employment losses in this area. European Union refers to EU28. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.