Distribution of Share of Cultural Artefacts in Illegal Trade, by Selected Categories of Artefacts (2018-2019)

Source: World Customs Organization. Illicit Trade Report (Brussels: World Customs Organization, 2019)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2018-2019
Geographical area: Global
Method: Data collection
Link to original document: www.wcoomd.org
The chart presents the shares of selected types of artefacts seized by customs in 2018 and 2019, based on the data from World Customs Organization's "Illicit trade Report 2019." While the number of pieces of currency seized fell from 19 258 to 5 141 pieces (73.3%), coins still represent more than half of all items seized in 2019 (5 141 of 9 399). On the other hand,the number of items seized of the category "fauna, flora, minerals, anatomy, and fossils" nearly doubled in 2019 (2 085), compared to 2018 (1 049).