Duration of Account Activity of English-Language Pro-Islamic State Accounts on Twitter, 2016-2017

Source: Alexander, Audrey. DIGITAL DECAY? Tracing Change Over Time Among English-Language Islamic State Sympathizers on Twitter (Washington: Programme on Extremism, The George Washington University, 2017)
Topic: Incitement to Terrorism
Reference year: 2016-2017
Geographical area: Global
Method: Data collection
Link to original document: extremism.gwu.edu
The chart shows the distribution of the duration of Twitter accounts of English-language of Islamic State sympathizers. The report collected and reviewed 845646 tweets produced by 1782 English-language pro-Islamic State accounts from 15 February 2016 to 01 May 2017. In the context of the study, a user’s "duration of activity" is quantified by the number of days between an account’s first and last tweet.