Mobile Phone Usage on Social Media in Emerging Economies, by Education Levels (2018)

Source: Silver, Laura and Christine Huang. "In Emerging Economies, Smartphone and Social Media Users Have Broader Social Networks," published in PEW Research Center, Internet and Technology, 22 August 2019
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2018
Geographical area: Global
Method: Survey
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The chart presents the share of mobile users in Emerging Economies interacting with social media, based on the education level. The results show that mobile phone and social media users with more education are more likely to post on social media social media.The report uses data from to the Mobile Technology and Social Impact 2018 survey, conducted from September to December 2018, by PEW Research Center, on 11 countries. The results are based on respondents' answers to survey question Q20j: "In the past 12 months, have you used your mobile phone to post your thoughts on social media about an issue that's important to you? (yes/no)"