Number of Publications Found in Literature Review on Science Denial by Publication Year (1990-2015)

Source: Björnberg, Karin, Mikael Karlsson, Michael Gilek, Sven Hansson. "Climate and Environmental Science Denial: A Review of the Scientific Literature Published in 1990-2015," Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2017
Geographical area: Global
Method: Data mining
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The chart presents the annual trend of the number of reviewed publications on climate and environmental science denial from 1990 to 2015, based on the results from the report "Climate and environmental science denial: A review of the scientificliterature published in 1990-2015." The data shows that there has been a steady increase in publications on climate and environmental science denial since 2010. In general, scientific denialism is the rejection of basic facts and concepts that are undisputed, well-supported parts of the scientific consensus on a subject, in favor of radical and controversial ideas. Specifically on climate science denial, a substantial body of scientific literature exists.