Perceptions of the News Media Accuracy on Information Related to Climate Change

Source: Newman, Nick, Richard Fletcher, Anne Shulz, Simge Andi,and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen. "Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020," Reuters Institute, 2020
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2020
Geographical area: Global
Method: Survey (N = 80155)
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The chart presents the people perception of the accuracy of the information related climate change given by the media. The results are based on the responses of the survey question “To what extent do the news media do a good or bad job in giving me accurate information about climate change?” included in the “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020”. The report found that across markets around half (47%) say that the news media do a good job in providing accurate information about climate change. By contrast, the respondents saying the problem is not serious are far more likely to think the media are doing a bad job (46%) than a good job (16%). The seriousness of the climate change problem was assessed based on the answers to the survey question “How serious a problem, if at all, do you think climate change is?” (55693 respondents considered the problem “Extremely serious or Very serious”, while 6794 considered “Not very serious or Not serious at all”).