Share of Respondends Concerned About What is Real and What is Fake on the Internet When it Comes to Fake News

Source: Newman, Nick, Richard Fletcher, Anne Shulz, Simge Andi,and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen. "Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020," Reuters Institute, 2020
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2020
Geographical area: Global
Method: Survey (N=79027)
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The chart shows the percentage of persons surveyed who agreed with the statement, "Thinking about online news, I am concerned about what is real and what is fake on the internet." The results show that more than half (56%) of the survey’s respondents across 40 countries remains concerned about what is real and fake on the internet when it comes to news. Brazilian citizens exhibited the highest levels of concern, with 84% agreeing with the statement; whereas respondents from the Netherlands displayed lower rates of concern at only 32%.