The Estimated Share of Unsafe Products on the Market (2020)

Source: European Commission. Study to Support the Preparation of an Evaluation of the General Product Safety Directive As Well As of an Impact Assessment on Its Potential Revision - Part 2: Impact Assessment (Brussels: European Commission, June 2021)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2020
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Survey (N=153)
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The chart presents the estimates of the share of unsafe products on the market according to different stakeholders' groups in the European Union, based on the results of the impact assessment study realised for the evaluation of the General Product Safety Directive and its potential revision for the European Commission. The results were obtain from a survey conducted by Civic Consulting on 153 stakeholders (27 of consumer organisations and other general stakeholders, 48 of authorities, 37 of business associations and 41 of companies), who answer the question "In your view, what is the best estimate of the share of unsafe products on the market in your area of activity (i.e. the estimated number of unsafe products per 100 products sold on the market)?" The average values are calculated based on 100 (brick-and-mortar)/105 (online) stakeholders that had expressed an opinion (out of all respondents 53/48 indicated "Don’t know" or provided no answer).