The Proportion of Preventable Non-Fatal Product-Related Injuries To Total Non-Fatal Injuries (2013-2017)

Source: European Commission. Study to Support the Preparation of an Evaluation of the General Product Safety Directive As Well As of an Impact Assessment on Its Potential Revision - Part 2: Impact Assessment (Brussels: European Commission, June 2021)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2013-2017
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Administrative data
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The chart presents the share of the preventable non-fatal product-related injuries in the European Union between 2013-2017, based on the results of the impact assessment study realised for the evaluation of the General Product Safety Directive and its potential revision for the European Commission. The average number of injuries are estimates based on the European Injury Database and include the number of accidental, non-intentional product-related injuries in which consumers visited hospital emergency departments. Data excludes transport injury events and work-related injuries (paid work). When it comes to the estimated prejudice caused by all product-related injuries to consumers in the European Union in 2017, 36.9 billion euros (or 48% of the total amount of 76.6 billion euros) was due to the non-fatal injuries, with preventable injuries accounting for 5.5 billion euros. The percentage of preventable non-fatal injuries is an estimate based on interviews and previous research and studies, including a 1999 study of the Accident Research Centre of University of Monash that, in turn, relied on data covering the period 1991-1992.