Distribution of Conveyance Methods for Cultural Artefacts in Illegal Trade, 2019

Source: World Customs Organization. Illicit Trade Report (Brussels: World Customs Organization, 2019)
Topic: Illegal Products
Reference year: 2019
Geographical area: Global
Method: Data collection
Link to original document: www.wcoomd.org
The chart presents the distribution of transport modes for cultural artefacts seized by customs in 2019, based on the data from World Customs Organization's "Illicit trade Report 2019." The report shows that air and vehicle are the main conveyance methods for cultural artefacts, representing 73% in total seizures. In 2019, out of 217 seizures, 100 were air seizures (36.9%) and 98 vehicles seizures (36.2%). However, by number of artefacts seized, the vehicle seizures accounted for 65% (6 138), while air seizures only for 19% (1 826) of the total number of artefacts seized by customs.