Distribution of Sources Used for Coronavirus News in Spain

Source: Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis, Richard Fletcher, Nic Newman, J. Scott Brennen, and Philip N. Howard. "Navigating the ‘Infodemic’: How People in Six Countries Access and Rate News and Information About Coronavirus," Reuters Institute, April 2020
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2020
Geographical area: Spain
Method: Survey (N=2003)
Link to original document: reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk
The chart shows that Spanish respondents trust the most scientists, doctors and health experts when it comes to getting information about coronavirus (84%) and trust the least people they don't know (16%). The results are based on the participants' answers to the following question "Q10: How trustworthy would you say news and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) from the following is? Please use the scale below where 0 is "not at all trustworthy" and 10 is "completely trustworthy.""