Distribution of Sources Used for Coronavirus News in the Last Week

Source: Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis, Richard Fletcher, Nic Newman, J. Scott Brennen, and Philip N. Howard. "Navigating the ‘Infodemic’: How People in Six Countries Access and Rate News and Information About Coronavirus," Reuters Institute, April 2020
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2020
Geographical area: Global
Method: Survey ( United Kingdom (N=2216), United States (N= 1273), Germany (N=2003), Spain (N=1018), South Korea (N=1009), Argentina (N= 1003))
Link to original document: reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk
The chart presents the distribution of sources used to obtain information about coronavirus (COVID-19) by repondents in six countries surveyed. The participants have answered to the following question "Q4: Which, if any, of the following have you used in the last week as a source of news or information about coronavirus (COVID-19)?" According to the results, in April 2020, news organisations remain among the most important sources of information. In a public health crisis, where most people are online and many diferrent organisations, including public authorities, have websites, social media accounts, and other channels available, news media are not the only sources people rely on. Across the six countries surveyed, two-thirds have relied on news organisations, ranging from a low 47% in Germany to a high 77% in South Korea.