Distribution of the Content Actioned on Instagram, by Reason of Removal

Source: Meta. Transparency Report: Community Standards Enforcement Report (June 2022)
Topic: Illegal Content
Reference year: 2019-2022
Geographical area: Global
Method: Self-reporting
Link to original document: transparency.fb.com
The chart shows the distribution of the content actioned on Instagram, by reasons of removal, from the fourth quarter of 2019 until the first quarter of 2022. A metric for a new policy area called violence and incitement was added to the Community Standards in the third quarter of 2021. Additionally, starting with the second quarter of 2021, the child nudity and sexual abuse category was renamed child endagerment and collects data on two separate topics: sexual exploitation and nudity and physical abuse. The data shows that adult nudity and sexual activity remain the main reason of removal of content, followed by bullying and harassment content and violent and graphic one.