Human Detection of Illegal Content Online, by Flagging Reason

Source: Google. Transparency Report: Flags - Illegal Content Online (, 2022)
Topic: Illegal Content
Reference year: 2017-2022
Geographical area: Global
Method: Self-reporting
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The chart shows the distribution of the videos removed by Youtube based on human detection, by flagging reason. The data represents average shares of videos removed for the period October 2017-March 2022 and are calculated based on the trimestrial values included in the transparency report. The results show that the users' main flagging reason of videos is the spam, mislinding and scam content, followed by sexual content and hateful or abusive content. When flagging a video, human flaggers can select a reason they are reporting the video and leave comments or video timestamps for YouTube's reviewers. This chart shows the flagging reasons that people selected when reporting YouTube content. A single video may be flagged multiple times and may be flagged for different reasons. Reviewers evaluate flagged videos against all of the Community Guidelines and policies, regardless of why they were originally flagged. Flagging a video does not necessarily result in it being removed. Human flagged videos are removed for violations of Community Guidelines once a trained reviewer confirms a policy violation.