Government Requests to TikTok to Remove or Restrict Content or Accounts

Source: TikTok. Transparency Report: Government Removal Requests (June 2022)
Topic: Illegal Content
Reference year: 2019-2021
Geographical area: Global
Method: Self-reporting
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The chart presents the volume of government removal or restriction requests received by TikTok and the platform type of response to these requests. All requests received from governments are reviewed and acted upon based on both TikTok Community Guidelines and Terms of Service and the applicable law. The reported content will be restricted if it is illegal in a country, but it is still in line with TikTok Community Guidelines standards. The platform rejects all the requests concerning content that is not illegal and does not infringe the TikTok Community Guidelines. The data shows that in the second half of 2021, the volume of goverment requests declined by 29% compared to the previous period, but it still remains four times higher than the similar period of 2020.