Investors' Atitudes Towards Increased Antipiracy Regulations Against "User Uploaded " Websites

Source: Le Merle, Matthew C., Tallulah J. Le Merle and Evan Engstrom. "The Impact of Internet Regulation on Early Stage Investment," Fifth Era, November, 2014
Topic: Copyright Infringement
Reference year: 2016
Geographical area: Global
Method: Survey (N=330)
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The study found that 78% of investors would be deterred from investing in digital content intermediaries that offer user uploaded music or video should new anti-piracy regulations increase the risk that their investments would be exposed to secondary liability in intellectual property infringement cases. The respondents were asked if they agree with the statement "Anti-piracy regulations against 'user uploaded' websites would deter my investment in digital content intermediaries that offer user-uploaded music or video."