Objects Most Often Attacked by Disinformation or Manipulation on the Internet in Poland (2019, in Polish)

Source: Bochenek, Marcin and Rafał Lange. Bezpieczne Wybory: Badanie Opinii o (Dez)informacji w Sieci (in Polish) (Warsaw: NASK Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, 2019)
Topic: Disinformation
Reference year: 2019
Geographical area: Poland
Method: Survey
Link to original document: kometa.edu.pl
The chart illustrated the results of a 2019 survey that looked at the perception of Polish internet users towards the most often objects targeted by disinformation or Internet manipulation. The results showed that Poles identified the government and central institutions and opposition parties as the subjects most often targeted by this type of attacks. On the other hand, the least targeted objects were the ethnic or national minorities or the army.