Assessment of Manifestations of Anti-Semitism Against Jewish Community Across European Union Countries

Source: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Discrimination and Hate Crime Against Jews in European Union Member States: Experiences and Perceptions of Anti-Semitism (Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2014)
Topic: Hate Speech
Reference year: 2013
Geographical area: European Union
Method: Survey (N=5847)
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The table presents the share of respondents from eight European Union member states that assessed as a problem different manifestations of anti-Semitism against Jewish community in 2013. European Union refers to EU28. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. The results show that more than half of the respondents in each country surveyed consider "antisemitism on the internet" as being a problem. For each country, the three most serious manifestations of antisemitism - as assessed by the respondents, are antisemitism on the Internet, in the media and expression of hostility towards Jews in the streets or other public places. The question asked was "In your opinion, how big a problem, if at all, are each of the following in [COUNTRY] today?" Answers include both "a very big problem" and "a fairly big problem." The items are listed in descending order according to the average of the eight countries.