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Catalan Crisis - Number of Reachable Viewers

During the Catalan crisis, the Russian news sources (Russia Today and Sputnik) have reached similar level of engagement of the viewers and readers as the Spanish news sources and BBC.
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Catalan Crisis- Number of Shared Posts

Naturally, the Spanish media was the most active in terms of the number of published articles as well as the amount of online sharing. However, according to the source, Russian news media (Russia Today/Sputnik) took the fourth place.
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Distribution of Sources Used for Coronavirus News in Spain

The chart shows that Spanish respondents trust the most scientists, doctors and health experts when it comes to getting information about coronavirus (84%) and trust the least people they don't know (16%). The results are based on the participants' answers to the following question "Q10: How trustworthy would you say news and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) from the following is? Please use the scale below where 0 is "not at all trustworthy" and 10 is "completely trustworthy.""
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Investor Concern Regarding Potential New Regulation in Spain (2014)

In summary, 97% of Spanish investors believe the legal environment has the most negative impact on their investing activities with a significant majority of 93% concerned about investing in digital content intermediaries that are today confronted by ambiguity and uncertain outcomes, potentially large damages, and the risks of secondary liability if new anti-piracy regulations are introduced.