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Most Significant Obstacles Created by Market Fragmentation for European Small and Midsize Enterprises

This chart demonstrates that a clear majority of Europeans SMEs feel that failures in the single market have led to signifcant or very significant barriers in the expansion of their business. The most promiment of these barriers being complex administrative procedures and differing rules by individual Member States.
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Percentage of European Businesses who Support Proposed Changes to the Single Market

This chart exhibits that an overwhelming majority of Europeans businesses support enacting reforms to the current single market structure in order to promote expansion and further development across sectors. The most favored reform was cutting redtape, including but not limited to "extensive reporting, information or documentation obligations."
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Sources and Destinations for European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Imports and Exports

This chart highlights that the overwhelming majority of European SMEs rely heavily on the European Single Market, with SMEs receiving 81% of their imports from and sending 81% of their exports to other EU Member States.