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Access to pirated content in EU28 by content type and device, 2018

This graph shows the distribution of online infringement in EU28 across the three content types and the desktop/mobile dimension for the nine months of 2018 covered by the data. TV copyright infringement represented nearly 60 % of the total, followed by film and music piracy. The use of desktop devices to access TV content and films is greater than that of mobile devices, while access to music is greater from mobile devices.
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Total piracy by access method, EU28, 2018

This donut chart shows the distribution of piracy in the EU by access method. As presented, streaming is the preferred method with a 75 % share. The remaining 25 % is divided between download, torrent and ripper. Nearly 95 % of the streaming activity is concentrated in TV and film.
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Total piracy by country and content type, 2018

This chart shows piracy by EU Member State. For each country, piracy is broken down by content type accessed. In two countries, Latvia and Lithuania, consumption of pirated content is clearly higher (more than 26 accesses per month) than in the rest of the EU. Finland has the lowest rate at 4.6 access per user per month. Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Sweden, the UK and Slovenia are also below the EU average of 9.7.