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Europeans' views on whether children know how to respond if the internet makes them uncomfortable

This graph explains parents' opinion if their children know what to do when the Internet makes them feel uncomfortable. The results showed that parents from the UK, Netherlands and Finland are on the top of the list among those who think that their children are well-informed on how to act in these situations.
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Opinions on protection from inappropriate or offensive content: 2005-14

Interviewees were asked if they consider that Internet users must be protected from seeing inapropriate or offensive content.
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Percent of European parents who feel that they need more information about protecting children from illegal or harmful content

This graph ilustrates the results of the 2003 Special Eurobarometer. Parents were asked if they feel or not that more information is needed about how to protect children from their household from illegal or harmful content and contact on the Internet. Greece was one of the top countries where respondents said that more information is needed.
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Platforms linked to risks of concern to children

This chart shows the ranking of risky platforms, from children's standpoint. The study has identified video-sharing sites and websites as the most dangerous from children's pont of view.
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Type of bullying experienced, by age: 2015

The graph show the experience of children aged 8-11 and 12-15 of being bullied, including online, %
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What risks did children tell us about

This chart shows the risks that children have identified as the most pertinent for them. Pornography and violent content are on the top of the list.
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Whom Europeans would you like to receive information from about using the Internet in a safer way

This graph shows parents' most preferred channels of information on how to use the Internet in a safer way. The results are that in 2003 the most preferred source of information was the TV, radio and newspapers.