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Share of Individuals Who Have Streamed or Downloaded Films or Television Series From Potential Illegal Websites in Denmark, by Frequency (2016)

The chart displays the share of individuals who have streamed or downloaded films or TV series from potential illegal websites in Denmark, based on a survey carried out in 2016. A significant number of individuals reported that they regularly stream films or television series from potentially illegal websites, with fewer people reporting that they regularly download films or television series from potentially illegal websites.
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Share of People Who Faced Hate Speech Online in France (2015)

The chart shows the exposure to hateful online content on the internet, based on the results of a survey conducted in France in February 2015. Results show that men were generally more exposed to this type of content compared to women. 55% of male respondents came across racist statements online, while only 47% of women respondents did so.
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Sites and Services Used by United Kingdom Respondents to Access Music Online

The chart shows the results of a 2018 survey in the United Kingdom concerning the online music services and sites used by music copyright infringers. YouTube was by far the most popular way for respondents to stream, access, or share music tracks or albums. Several pirating websites, including Pirate Bay, were mentioned by more than 1% of respondents.
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The Legal Environment's Negative Impact on Investing (2014)

In the survey, investors were asked which of four factors had the most negative impact on their investing behavior: the legal environment, the economy, the competitive environment, or the expected return on their investment. The results show that in all eight countries, investors view the legal environment as having the most negative impact, with an average of 89% of investors surveyed saying it had a modest or strongly negative impact, 93% of United States investors feeling this way, and an average of 89% of the European Union investors concurring. European Union refers to EU28. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.
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The Negative Impact on Investors of Regulatory Ambiguity (2014)

The chart shows that a high majority of respondents in every surveyed country consider that an ambiguous regulatory framework makes them uncomfortable investing in digital content intermediaries that offer user-uploaded music or video.
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The Top Ten Countries for Hosting Child Sexual Abuse Content

The chart shows the top 10 countries that host web pages with child sexual abuse material, based on the assessment of the Internet Watch Foundation. Interestingly, seven out of 10 countries are in Europe and six out of 10 are in the European Union.
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Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Misinformation

The chart shows that high-level politicians, celebrities, or other prominent public figures produced or spread only 20% of the misinformation in Reuters Institute's sample, but that misinformation attracted a large majority of all social media engagements in the sample. The first bar shows the share of content that was produced or shared by prominent persons in the whole sample (N=225). The second bar shows the per cent of total social media engagements of content from prominent persons out of the sub-sample of social media posts with available engagement data (N=145).
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Total Copyright-Infringing Content

This graph shows the percent of people who report having had at least one nuisance or at least one harmful incident related to copyright infringement online in France. It is based on data gathered through surveys by Haute Autorité Française pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des droits sur Internet (HADOPI ), and shows that significant fractions of respondents experienced nuisances or harms related to online copyright infringement.
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Total Piracy by Access Method (2018)

This doughnut chart shows the distribution of piracy in the European Union by access method. As presented, streaming is the preferred method with a 75% share. The remaining 25% is divided between download, torrent and ripper. Nearly 95% of the streaming activity is concentrated in television and film. European Union refers to EU28. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.
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Total Piracy by European Union Member State and Content Type (2018)

This chart shows piracy by European Union member state. For each country, piracy is broken down by content type accessed. In two countries, Latvia and Lithuania, consumption of pirated content is clearly higher (more than 26 accesses per month) than in the rest of the European Union. Finland has the lowest rate at 4.6 access per user per month. Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Slovenia are also below the European Union average of 9.7. European Union refers to EU28. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.